Office cleaning services are getting more and more common nowadays. Clean and tidy space is necessary to work efficiently. It also helps to focus on the job and enhances creativity. Moreover, a well-organized office can literally become a great business card. The demand is big and therefore, there are many companies on the market that deal with office cleaning. Their prices are various – they depend on many factors like the city where the services are being provided and the company’s experience. Furthermore, the cost is influenced by the quality of used materials and obviously, the frequency and range of services. Before hiring an outside janitorial service, it is worth to ask nearby business owners, if they’re satisfied with their cleaning companies – maybe it will be beneficial to become their next customer.

How much does it really cost?

The rule is that many cleaning companies charge a flat rate for smaller jobs. Therefore, if you’re a really small office owner, your cost will be rather constant. It usually varies and includes trash emptying and basic dusting and mopping common spaces. Obviously, it grows up depending on the office size, type of requested cleaning and the number of restrooms. If you’d like to have your office cleaned a little bit more often – once or 2 times a week- the cost will be higher and paid by month. There also exists another way to costs’ estimation: it’s just measured on the basis of the exact square footage. It’s usually charged per square foot. It’s important to mention that additional cleaning services like floors waxing or carpet cleaning, are charged separately.

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